Physical Therapy Amsterdam Noord – North of Amsterdam

Physical Therapy in Amsterdam Noord at Redlex Fysio

Physical Therapy Amsterdam Noord (North of Amsterdam) at Redlex Fysio.
Are you in pain? Do you have an injury, and do you feel the need to get professional help to recover quickly? Go and make an appointment for physical therapy in Amsterdam Noord at Redlex Fysio.

Redlex Fysio is a physiotherapy practice that specializes in regular physiotherapy, dry needling, medical taping, personal training, sports massage, coaching and guidance.
We have contracts with all health insurers. This means that (if additionally insured for physiotherapy) treatments will be fully reimbursed. Make sure to read your insurance policy carefully.

What does a physiotherapist do?
The physiotherapist is the expert in posture and movement. The physicial therapist helps you prevent, remedy or reduce your physical complaints and ensures that you can move optimally again.

How do we work?
At Redlex Fysio you can easily make an appointment without a referral from your doctor or specialist. At your first appointment, we will first hold a screening / intake interview.
We make an inventory of your complaints. If this intake shows that physiotherapy is the appropriate method to help you get rid of your complaints, we will perform a physical examination together with you.
This to investigate where the complaint is located in the body and what the cause of this complaint is. From the second appointment we will start working on your body, following the treatment plan that we have drawn up together with you on the first appointment.

Each treatment lasts 30 minutes and we (in consultation with you) apply various physiotherapeutic techniques, if we are sure that this technique will work for you and your complaint. Like massages, stretching techniques, dry needling, taping, taping, advice, coaching and / or guidance are regularly used in a physiotherapy treatment.
If desired, we also work with an online homework program, where you have the option to view and perform exercises via video trough an app on your telephone / tablet or via your computer.

How many treatments you need depends on the complaint and / or condition, and how disciplined you follow your advice and / or exercises.

Will Physiotherapy be reimbursed for me?
More information about the reimbursements can be found here.
You can also find all the information on the page “frequently asked questions”.

Redmond Valk, Owner an Physical therapist at Redlex Fysio in Amsterdam Noord.